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Gratitude and Honour to the Supreme Intelligence, the Great Life Force, The God of Gods, The King of Kings, The Queen of Queens.

Welcome To Ariyel Academy, an institute of Higher Education Instructed and Sanctified, Born out of the Chaos and Turmoil to rise like the phoenix and Elevate the Minds of Men in Preparation for the End of The Beginning.

Welcome To Ariyel Academy

Ariyel Academy is an Institute of Higher Education on a mission to empower individuls through a shift in Mindset, Health, Wealth and Spirituality.

We work round the clock to create a positive environment for our Students, Volunteers, and Staff. We aim to make the impossible possible for our students and clients.

Our Sevices

We are driven by the success and achievements of our students and clients. We help you create a positive and abundant life so you can experience the good things this life has to offer.


Our Coaching Services help you achieve a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance


Our Expert consultants help you improve, grow and develop strategies and plans that will set you on a path to identify the best way for you to learn how to develop and maintain a Stable Mind.


Our Courses are designed for Distance and Online Learning. They have been created to fit around your busy schedule, family time and fun activities. 

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Welcome to Ariyel Academy

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Transforming The Minds of Individuals

We help people to Improve their lives through changing the way they Think, Feel and Act. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. We create positve change in the heart, mind and souls of men.