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Price: £97 inc VAT
Study method: Online, self-paced
Course format: Video, text, audio
Duration: 2 hour
Access to content: 3 months
Qualification: No formal qualification
Optional extras: Digital certificate included in price

Additional info:
Exam(s) / assessment(s) is included in price
Tutor is available to students

About Beginner Piano Lessons for the Aspiring Pianist


Are you itching to become a masterful pianist? Ready to tickle the ivories and wow your friends? Well, look no further! Our Beginner Piano Lessons for the Aspiring Pianist will help you get off on the right foot. An experienced instructor will walk you through all the basics, from concepts of music theory to more hands-on topics like scales and arpeggios. With regular practice, this program is designed to boost your confidence as a player and help you develop a lifetime appreciation of music!

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Beginner Piano Lessons For The Aspiring Pianist
Beginner Piano Lessons
Beginner Piano Lessons

Description – Beginner Piano Lessons

First off our overview course will give you an introduction to piano playing basics. We’ll cover essential topics like notation and hand-eye coordination exercises so that you can understand how music works at its most fundamental level. You’ll also learn key concepts surrounding goal setting – so that you stay motivated as your increase in skill!

Next up, we turn to the crux of what makes great playing: fundamentals. This stage is where all those chops start coming together! Things like finger placement and rhythm building exercises are not only crucial but incredibly fun too – plus they’re backed by scientific evidence to support their impact on learning success over time. Basically, if you put in some effort with us, by the end of it your friends and family won’t believe their ears when they hear you putting it all together!

So join us today on this beginner piano journey – soon enough, you’ll be making beautiful music without even thinking about it! The possibilities are endless for exciting creative expression – discover them with Beginner Piano Lessons for the Aspiring Pianist!

Course Outline

Course Outline for Beginner Piano Lessons for the Aspiring Pianist

I. Introduction:

A. Overview of the course and its objectives

B. Basic introduction to piano playing and music theory

C. Setting goals and expectations for development

II. Fundamental Concepts:

A. Music notation and hand-eye coordination exercises

B. Finger placement, scales, chords, and arpeggios

C. Building an understanding of rhythm and timing

111. Chords & Scales

A. Major Chords

B. Minor Chords

C. Diminished Chords

D. Augmented Chords

E. Seventh Chords

F. Ninth Chords

G. Major Scales

H. Minor Scales

IV. Songs & Pieces:

A. Working with classic pieces in order to practice technique & gain an appreciation of different styles

B. Interpreting popular songs using basic improvisation techniques

V. Developing Technique:

A. Basics of dynamic expression through touch & articulation

B. Techniques for creating musical textures and effects

C. Learning how to sight-read notation accurately

VI: Home Practice Tips:

A. Establishing a routine that works for each student

B. Overcoming obstacles related to staying focused & motivated

C. Strategies for tracking progress throughout the course

D. Resources for continuing learning after completing lessons

VII. Final Exam/Project :

A . Assessing understanding & application of material learned throughout course

B . Preparation of final performance or project relevant to individual student’s goals

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how to play the piano. Are you itching to become a masterful pianist? Ready to tickle the ivories and wow your friends? Well, look no further! Our Beginner Piano Lessons for the Aspiring Pianist will help you get off on the right foot.

How are the Sessions delivered?

Online and face to face depending on which is the most convenient for both the tutor and the clients

What are the requirements?

The lessons are aimed at beginners so you do not need prior knowledge.

What if I am not a beginner?

We can offer Mindset coaching to help you set your goals and achieve

Do I get a certificate?

a Digital Certificate is included in the price for all packages

Do you offer Refunds?

If you have any issues please contact us

How long does the Course last?

You have up to 3 months or 90 days to complete the course

Optional extras

Digital certificate

Certificate of completion is included in course price.

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