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The Importance of Improving Your Vocabulary


  • Define and understand basic, medium and complex words
  • Develop new strategies to enhance reading comprehension
  • Understand different degrees and depths of a word
  • Identify tiers and types of vocabulary
  • Acquire new vocabulary identified from the assigned text
  • Transform your speaking and writing by using your new vocabulary
  • Enhance understanding of new vocabulary by making connections to related ideas and other words
  • Describe unfamiliar words in a writing and determine their meaning using a variety of strategies such as dictionary, search engine, prior knowledge, group discussion

Learn HTML, CSS and Javascript

Learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript in this FREE Course

Life Changing Positive Vocabulary Terms in 90 Days


Learn to Build Your Self Esteem, Improve Your Confidence and Develop your Character by using vocabulary and words that Energise, Uplift and Motivate you to be a Powerful individual

  • Improve your positive vocabulary
  • Define and explain positive terms
  • Discover other words related to positive
  • Increase your brain power
  • Develop your vocabulary
  • Improve your confidence and Self-esteem
  • Be happier, motivated and inspired

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