The Social Enterprise Ariyel Academy was Reborn and registered on October 25th 2019 as an Institution of Higher Education.

Born in the end of an age are we, in the significant ” Year of the Return”. We are a Force of Legends standing on the shoulder of Giants. The Lion with Eagle Wings, Powerful and Swift.

Our History

Our History

Our History stretches back over the ages and through the legendary learning centres of the Ancient world.

From the beginning of time over billions of years ago all throughout the ages education had been part of this existence on this plane. Kingdom after Kingdom, from one civilisation to another

Ariyel, the lion of God in Hebrew, is an important figure in Hebrew culture and has been for centuries. According to ancient Hebrew texts, he was a protector of the tribe of Judah and a symbol of power and strength. He is also mentioned in various religious scriptures, including the Book of Kings, where he is associated with powerful miracles.

Throughout history, Ariyel has been an inspiration to Hebew around the world and continues to be venerated as a godly figure even today. The story of Ariyel not only brings spiritual hope but also serves as a reminder that no person is too small or powerless to make an impact in this world. – Our History

Ariyel the Lion of God is a figure in Hebrew mythology and folklore. He is said to have been one of God’s messengers, dispatched to act as his protector and advisor. According to tradition, he descended from Noah’s son Shem and was regarded as a symbol of strength, courage, and perseverance.

Ariyel was often depicted in biblical stories as a fierce warrior who combatted giants and monsters on behalf of his people. He was also known for his immense wisdom, having been given the gift of prophesy by God himself. Through this gift, he was able to identify false prophets and protect his people from harm with strategic military tactics. Today, Ariyel continues to be celebrated for his courage and strength in defending the truth. – Our History in hebrew