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Joshua Jehudah

Message From The President

Gratitude and Honour to the Supreme Intelligence, the Great Life Force, The God of Gods, The King of Kings, The Queen of Queens. The kingdom of Heaven is within you. All the wonders you seek are within you

Thoughts are things, thoughts are a powerful force that manifest into the physical realm when backed with strong feelings and desires

Unregulated thought and force is unproductive, inefficient and wasted. It leads to destruction, chaos and ruin. Thought must have a Mindset Governed by Law to produce Progress and Permanent results in society

Positive Mindset is the Compass, The Wheel, The Captain that will steer the blind force of the People to Oneness, Understanding and Brotherhood

Positive Mindset regulated by Love Wisdom Justice and Intellect will bring down the Walls of Prejudice, Injustice, Limiting Beliefs, Fear, Doubt, Worry, Ignorance, Inequality and Misery. Positive Energy will guide us to Truth, Love and Harmony. Then shall the Great Awakening begin, The Revolution, The Return to the Old Path, The New Heaven and New Earth

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