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About the President Joshua Jehudah
About the President Joshua Mukiibi Jehudah

Joshua Mukiibi Jehudah is the CEO and founder of Ariyel Academy. He is a Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur and Investor. Joshua’s Primary Business here on earth is to Seek and Save the Lost, To create a Positive Environment for those who are needy, weary and heavy laden. To restore and rebuild the ancient paths that lead to Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

About The President

President Joshua graduated from University of Surrey with a Bsc in Electronic Engineering. He then went on to further his education with private educators, self education and online Learning. His other qualifications and Certificates from Online courses and further education include Property Management, Digital Marketing Principles and IT Technician amongst others

President Joshua’s hobbies and interests include reading, meditating, innovating, sports, studying, creating videos, blogging, singing, investing, relaxing, music instruments, long walks and much more

President Joshua is the host of The Positive Podcast where we talk the positive walk and walk the positive talk. We engage in, discuss, entertain, edutain, transcribe, visualise, affirm, conduct, create, imagine, uphold, deliver, nurture, produce, teach, construct, devise, cultivate, plant, pursue, fertilise, converse about, chew over, breathe in, swallow, transliterate, interpret and incorporate, emulate, advance all things positive.

President Joshua is the organiser of 2 Meetup Groups “Clear Thinkers Club” and “Insight Leadership,”. Meetup is a platform for finding and building local communities. People use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of their comfort zones, and pursue their passions, together.

He is the founder of Emerald Book Club which is an Organisation focused on Inspiring and Developing Readers, Writers and Authors in Society and WorldwideThe Book Club was awarded funding in 2019 to deliver a project in Coventry to help develop the confidence of individuals in the community. In August 2022 the Organisation launched a Table Tennis Club through Table Tennis England to help increase fitness and exercise for its members and th community.

About The President

About The President’s Role

The President of the Academy is a leader who is responsible for providing direction and guidance to all members of the organization. His Position requires him to be knowledgeable about all aspects of the Academy, from its research initiatives and educational programs to matters of policy, finance, and public relations.

The President has a broad set of responsibilities which include setting strategic goals for the organization, overseeing communication between departments, acting as spokesperson for the institution, and promoting compliance with government regulations.

They are tasked with ensuring that each individual involved in the academy can reach their full potential, while also demonstrating an unwavering dedication to maintaining an ethical environment within the organization. As such, these qualities have made them an indispensable asset in helping to advance the mission of the institution.

Message About the president

As the President of the Academy I encourage you to read statement outlining the organization’s mission and values. I highlighted the importance of creating an inclusive environment that encourages learning and professionalism in all areas of its operations. There should be a focus on use-inspired research that can improve society and make an impact in the real world. I call on members to continue exploring new frontiers and pushing boundaries in their respective fields.

About The Preident’s Emphasis

I emphasize the importance of promoting justice and equality through education, as well as the need for members to use their positions of influence with integrity and respect. Students must be given an environment where they can develop their potential and skills in an equitable environment.

I emphasize the need to support the diverse talents and interests of its members, as well as promote collaboration between individuals and across disciplines.

About The President