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100 Most Common English Greetings

Greetings are one of the necessary functions of languages and communication. They show attention to others, someone or something and display the social status between the individuals or groups involved

Greetings enable us to connect to people at a personal level, start conversations with strangers and strengthen bonds

In this article I am going to mention 100 Most common English greetings that you can use in your daily conversations, discussions and general chats

100 Most Common English Greetings Ariyel Academy
100 Most Common English Greetings Ariyel Academy

100 Most Common English Greetings

  1. Hi
  2. Hello
  3. Ok
  4. Hey
  5. Hiya
  6. Sup
  7. Howdy
  8. Ahoy
  9. Alright
  10. Morning
  11. Afternoon
  12. Evening
  13. Salutations
  14. Greetings
  15. Welcome
  16. Hey there
  17. You Ok
  18. You good
  19. Ok mate
  20. You cool
  21. You alright
  22. You good bro
  23. You cool dude
  24. What’s up
  25. What’s new
  26. What’s happening
  27. What’s Cracking
  28. What’s Cooking
  29. Howdy Partner
  30. What’s New
  31. Good Morning
  32. Good afternoon
  33. Good evening
  34. You alright mate
  35. You ok Mate
  36. How are you
  37. How do you do
  38. How are you doing
  39. How is everything
  40. How is life
  41. How is work
  42. How’s it going
  43. How’s the going
  44. How was your day
  45. How is your day
  46. How are you keeping
  47. How are you faring on
  48. How is it going
  49. What’s going on
  50. Is all well
  51. Top of the morning
  52. Greeting to you
  53. Hi how are you
  54. I salute you
  55. Long time no see
  56. Its been a while
  57. Good to see you
  58. Nice to see you
  59. Great to see you
  60. It is good to see you again
  61. It is nice to see you
  62. It is Wonderful to see you
  63. Good to see you again
  64. Nice to see you again
  65. Great to see you again
  66. I am happy to see you
  67. I am pleased to see you
  68. I am glad to see you
  69. It Is so nice to see you again
  70. It is so good to see you again
  71. How nice to see you
  72. How great to see you again
  73. How good to see you
  74. Nice to meet you
  75. How nice to meet you
  76. How pleasant to meet you
  77. It is good to meet you again
  78. I am pleased to meet you again
  79. It is an honour to meet you
  80. I am honoured to meet you
  81. I am glad to meet you
  82. Pleased to meet you
  83. Pleasure to meet you
  84. Great to meet you
  85. Good to hear from you
  86. Glad to hear from you
  87. Nice to hear from you
  88. Pleased to hear from you
  89. Happy to hear from you
  90. Pleasure to hear from you
  91. What’s the good word
  92. What’s the word
  93. Look who it is
  94. Look who showed up
  95. Look who has appeared
  96. Talk about the devil
  97. Look what the cat dragged in
  98. Greetings and honour
  99. May you live forever
  100. Love and Gratitude to you

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